1. Advertisement and Internet Search

Advertisement and internet search is economical in time and cost, especially in recruiting middle level and general employees. The people who apply to advertisements have some reasons to leave their present companies by their own initiative. Other applicants are unemployed or new graduates. Highly ranked people do not like to move through advertisement. You should announce your positive decision to the applicant whom you want to employ as soon as possible before another company takes him, because applicants who apply through advertisements usually contact several companies at the same time. If an applicant asks when are you going to make the decision, he may be under pressure to reply to his second choice company. If he asks you for more time to make his decision, he may be waiting for the answer from his first choice company.

Every European country has at least one-two nation-wide quality newspapers designed as advertisement media. This traditional media is rather expensive. One advertisement costs EUR 3,000~10,000 depending on its size and quality of paper. Regional papers are less expensive and suitable to look for middle-level and general-level people. There are also specialized newspapers, magazines and periodicals. Much of the medias offers internet advertising for about one month for an extra charge.

The first service of an internet recruiting company is a candidates search from a database. The search fee is usually based on successful recruitment, in order to gather as many accesses as possible to the database. It is questionable how many active applicants are included, because the constant maintenance of a database is enormously expensive. The bigger and more famous a database is, the more applicants will apply to it, and the more advantageous it will be to both the applicants and client companies. Several internet companies are becoming bigger, more oligopolistic, and more well-known. You should move to another database, advertisement or direct search, when you can not find a suitable applicant, because database search is not a positive, active search. Search success fees are various depending on databases.

The second service of an internet recruiting company is an internet advertisement usually for about four weeks. It is much lower-priced than a newspaper by about 10~20%. Occasionally a few hundred euro bargain is offered.

These services are used either by client companies directly or through recruitment agency companies including NGM.

Job changing through internet advertisement has been increasing in the past a few years. A German advertisement research institute in Hamburg has reported that the ratio of job changing through internet advertisement and total advertisement was about 10% in 2001 and about 30% in 2002.