1. Direct Search ( Scouting )

Direct search is the traditional executive search, which suits to find higher than middle level managers and persons of special ability, such as in technology or sales. Managers who occupy equivalent positions in competitor companies and their No. 2, if available, are approached by NGM, regardless of whether they are interested in changing companies. In principle, the search is continued until NGM finds about three suitable candidates. However, it is possible that no one wants to move to another company. In case of sales, the search is extended to sales managers who sell similar goods to the same customers. The work volume for NGM is extensive, so the direct search fee is 35% of the first annual salary including bonuses or the minimum fee of EUR 25,000. If the work volume exceeds the fee, NGM consults with the client to increase the fee, to change the search specification, or to watch the scouting sources positively until some personal movement occurs. When the search method is changed to advertising, the advertisement cost is paid by the client. The maximum number of potential candidates is usually about the same number of competitor companies. NGM must be very careful not to upset the sources, to collect as much information as possible secretly and then to contact prospective candidates quickly before the rumors become whispered about. In many cases in the sales sector, sales people have more of a sense of belongings to their sales circle beyond their companies than to their present companies. Unemployed people usually are excluded from the direct search.

Most of direct search candidates have a bright future in their present companies. You, the client, must persuade them to join to your company by showing and explaining that the integrated conditions of your company are better than those of their present company. Conditional factors are CI, job, authority, top manager, superior, remuneration, etc. You must offer a position as soon as possible after the interview to whom you want join your company, in order to prevent him from doubting that he is not the first choice and from loosing the will of changing the company.

NGM is loyal to the client by limiting their interest to only one client in one sector at a time. NGM can offer the highest quality of a direct search service by searching source companies and candidates only for you.

International large-scale head-hunting companies are considered a disadvantage to Japanese companies because of the limited number of source companies. If good source companies for a Japanese company have already been the clients of this head-hunting company, these companies are on the client list and removed secretly from the source companies for the Japanese company. Boasting of a large volume of direct searches means low quality of client service.