NGM, What is it?

Executive Search, Recruitment and Key Information Search

are professional services of NGM, Nippon Glocalisation Management Group to mainly Japanese companies in all Europe. The service center is in Duesseldorf, a centralized location surrounded by Amsterdam, Brussels and Frankfurt north west and south, areas where are home to many densely located Japanese companies.

NGM is always ready to be of service to you with their European-wide service networks composed of regional specialists.

1. Types and Merits of NGM Services

2. Direct Search (Scouting)

3. Advertisement and Internet Search

4. Management Culture Differences

5. Examples of NGM Services

Please contact me without hesitating even for a small question.

Representative of NGM group
Yoshihiko Nagano
e-mail; nagano@ngm-glocal.de

NGM Consulting GmbH
Center Office, Koenigsallee 60F, D-40212 Duesseldorf
Home Office, Eisen Str. 31, D-40227 Duesseldorf

HRB: Duesseldorf 25916

Tel.: 0049 (0)211 340034 (center)
0049 (0)211 340035 (direct)
Fax: 0049 (0)211 313351